Olivia Attwood puts on a stylish display in a plunging black blazer and a Chanel pearl necklace as she goes furniture shopping in Manchester

She always puts her best fashion foot forward while out and about. And Olivia Attwood looked sensational as she headed out to go furniture shopping at Touched Interiors in Manchester on Tuesday. The former Love Island star, 29, put on an stylish display in a plunging black blazer that she paired with a pearl necklace from Chanel, and which showed off a generous glimpse of her cleavage.

Olivia complemented her look by wearing matching flared trousers, and she stepped out in a pair of pristine white trainers.

Earlier in the day, Olivia also revealed she once ‘took a p***’ on the lawn at her school as a dare, in a candid chat alongside her mother Jennifer.

The Olivia Meets Her Match star spoke with Heat magazine about what she was like as a teenager, and she admitted she did a lot of ‘dumb s**t’ for fun.

Reflecting on her youth, Olivia told the publication: ‘I was the class clown. Once, another kid said “None of you will go and take a p**s in the middle of the lawn.” So I dropped my knickers right there.

Olivia’s mum Jennifer admitted she would often find her daughter had run off or was somewhere she shouldn’t have been, and would leave messages warning her she’d call the police if Olivia didn’t get home within a few hours.

Despite her bad behaviour as a teen, Jennifer said she wsa ‘really proud’ of her daughter for not being afraid to speak out on issues, including voicing her thoughts on influencers going to Dubai on ‘work’ trips amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Of Olivia’s outspoken nature, Jennifer said: ‘I think she’s actually been pretty reserved! When she does speak up on important issues, like calling out influencers who are “working” in Dubai, I’m really proud.’

Last month, Olivia hit out at influencers for hijacking ‘be kind’ to avoid facing accountability for their actions.

The Love Island star took to Instagram to discuss the phrase ‘in a world where you can be anything, be kind’, which gained momentum in the wake of Caroline Flack’s death in February 2020.

During a Q and A, one follower asked: ‘How do you feel about influencers just using ‘be kind’ to avoid accountability?’

There is a line isn’t there between “questioning someone’s actions” and “abusing someone online” (sic).

In January, Olivia criticised her reality star and influencer pals, who remain in Dubai, for claiming they are ‘working abroad’ amid the coronavirus crisis.

Addressing the furore over her comments later in the week, Olivia insisted that she doesn’t want to encourage any ‘hurtful behaviour’.

In an interview with Grazia, the reality TV star said that the one way fuming fans can hit back the hardest is by unfollowing the offending parties.

She said: ‘The way to hurt people is silence because actually, when you are commenting on someone’s photo, even if it’s a bad negative comment, you’re still drumming up interaction on that post.

If you’re going to send out to a brand that 5000 people have unfollowed you this week, it doesn’t look good, does it? So yeah, it makes a big difference.’

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