When the Police uniform loses respect

It was like a scene out of an action-packed movie recently in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria, when a police officer jumped on the bonnet of a moving Range Rover SUV, in a bid to arrest its driver.

The Ex-Police Commissioner for FCT Compol Lawrence Alobi (rtd) arrived at the scene but the subject Alhjia refuse to speak to him, she demands for the IG according to the eye witness.

As if this was not enough a police woman was chasing the supposed offender while yet another one in civilian dress ran after our reporter with a live bullet pistol and threatened to shoot if the reporter failed to surrender the recorder with which the ugly scene was recorded.

President Muhammadu Buhari has indicated an intention to restore sanity and decorum to the Nigerian society that had been debased, due to years of ineptitude by previous administrations.

Every Nigerian has a role to play in this regard. It is time for a reorientation of the masses that as with international best practice, uniformed personnel should be respected no matter what; that uniform automatically confers on him or her respect.

The uniformed personnel also need to reorient to know that no matter the offence, a person should be treated first, as a human being and be accorded respect.

The society seeks justice in this case with the identity of the officers sourced and appropriate disciplinary measures meted out, particularly to serve as deterrent to others. This will definitely manifests change as an unfolding culture in Nigeria.

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