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Friday 20th July 2018 marks the 2nd edition of Exclusive Personality Royalty Awards EPRA organised by Fancy TV Channel UK at Golden Palace Banqueting Suite London.
The evening was started with wine reception and networking, red carpet photo shoot with a beautiful walk way path, star light dancing floor and cool music. It was no doubt dashing and beautiful to behold.

The arrival of His Worshipful the Mayor London Borough of Barnet Cllr Reuben Thompson.

The arrival of the Deputy Mayor London Borough of Enfield Cllr Kate Anolue representing Her Worshipful the Mayor London Borough of Enfield Cllr Saray Karakus.

The arrival of his Royal Majesty Alaiyeluwa Oba Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja (JP) Kalejaiye II. The Aladeshoyin of Odo Noforija Kingdom, Eredo Local Development Authority, Epe Division of Lagos State. Nigeria and his entourage which include Otunba Samuel Adegbuyi, the Rt Commissioner of Police Federal Republic of Nigeria among others add beautification and glamour to the occasion.
The event further attracts political staunch worth from Labour party past Mayors of Enfield Cllr Patricia Ekechi, past Mayor of Waltham Forest Cllr Anna Nbachu and other eminent personalities Chief Mrs Hilda Abiri (Hajia Iyalode of Ibadan), Otunba Ade Adeshina, Chairman O’bay Communities Centre, Mr Femi Okutubo CEO of Trumpet Newspaper and among others.
It was indeed a night to remember as elite and stars flocked the event in glamorous attires, proms, blazers to grace the occasion. The events stood out among the Black Asian Ethnic Minority community in the UK as stated by the invited guest.

Tayo Akobi JP. The Chief Host EPRA Awards 2018 welcoming address:

As a chief host, I feel delighted to welcome you to the 2nd edition of EPRA, Leadership and Entrepreneurial Awards 2018. I consider it important to express gratitude to God Almighty for such a grace to host the 2nd edition. The privileges of life and continuity deserve recognition because attempts to host similar event in other climes could not be sustained beyond a year.
You may recollect that I stated last year that the aspiration for the event was a product of deep personal reflections that certain categories of unsung individuals deserve to be publicly honoured.

Consequently, the management of Fancy TV Channel UK convinced that the aspiration was worthy of support by organizing the maiden edition in 2017. The awards ceremony set out to accord due recognition to such crop of leaders and entrepreneurs considered the best in terms of exemplary leadership core values, norms, characteristics and continuing commitment to encouraging excellence.

There is no doubt that the spirit behind our gathering tonight is a trail blazer and diversity conscious initiatives with the intent to mentor and inspire young growing as well as future entrepreneurs and leaders by celebrating the unsung selected icons in the society.
The uniqueness of EPRA awards is to recognize leaders with distinct intellect; leaders who are ready to groom followers; leaders favourably disposed to transferring knowledge and power to followers as well as leaders with selfless intent to equip the younger generations for green economy.

EPRA event is a night to celebrate academic achievement, success stories of leaders and entrepreneurial ventures. It is important to also reiterate that the event is an all-encompassing event, best regarded as a clarion call to serving humanity and not exclusive to either socio-political, economic, sports, or academic endeavor.

At this junction, I think it will be of interest to let you know that all proceeds from the award will be deployed to Fancy Foundation Acquisition Skills.
In conclusion, it is my pleasure to congratulate all the notable awardees and invited guests from home and abroad to EPRA 2018. Your presence remains not only a testimonial support to the spirit associated with the ceremony; it will equally add glamour and beautification to the occasion.

HRM Alaiyeluwa Oba Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja (JP) Kalejaiye 11 was awarded a surprise Special Recognition – Outstanding Culture & Tourism for Sustainable Development Awards with a special music by Seun Oke De Marves.

HRM Alaiyeluwa Oba Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja (JP) Kalejaiye 11. The Aladeshoyin of Odo Noforija Kingdom, Eredo Local Development Authority, Epe Division of Lagos State was awarded
Over six decades ago, a boy was born into the family of late Pa Chief Michael Obayomi and Madam Christiana Adesola Ogunlaja. Pa Chief Michael Obayomi was then the Oloritun and head of Oligbe Ruling House. That boy was the third and only son of his father’s five children. His late grandfather was Ogunlaja, Ogunbotu under the lineage of Magunshen and Kalejaiye Ononlu family of Oligbe Ruling House of Odo-Noforija. That baby boy was Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja who became the (twelfth the second period, or the seventeenth since the foundation of the Aladeshonyin dynasty of Odo-Noforija Kingdom) Today he is the present Oba Aladeshoyin of Odo Noforija Kingdom, HRM, Alaiyeluwa, Oba Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja, Kalejaiye 11, The Aladeshoyin of Odo Noforija Kingdom. It was also noted that Oba Ogunlaja’s mother Christiana Adesola is also from a Royal family in Odo-siwoloye. So he has royal blood flowing in his veins both paternal and maternal.

Oba Babatunde Ogunlaja after his educational school proceeded to Lagos, where he gained employment as a store-keeper with a British Company and afterwards with Ilupeju Supermarket then at Obanikoro, Lagos. He also took a course in Electronics among other part-time courses.
He worked as a Director with Enterprise Gomez (Nig) Limited.
After many years, Oba Ogunlaja left Nigeria for the United Kingdom where he worked with different organisations and later set up his personal business as an importer and exporter, his major business was exporting used cars for sale in Nigeria.
It was John C Maxwell who said ‘’the truest measure of leadership is influence’’ Today his HRM Oba Babatunde Ogunlaja is one of the most influential, gallant, patriotic, eloquent and valuable Royal Fathers in Nigeria.

Oba Babatunde Ogunlaja is prominent among Lagos State Council of Obas. Highly ranked and respected Oba Babatunde Ogunlaja’s love for education, community development, culture and tourism as well as societal growth is second to none. He uses all available influence to attain the betterment and achieve development of his people. Kabiyesi is not only responsible for those in his kingdom alone he has significant impacts on the lives of those who came his way. He is trusted and respected amongst his subjects both at home and in the diaspora. He recently led his subjects in the UK on a courtesy visit to the Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Ambassador George Adesola Oguntade CFR, CON.

Calvin Colidge said ‘no person was ever honoured for what he received. Honour has been the reward of what he gave. Oba Babatunde Ogunlaja has received numerous awards both at home and in the diaspora because of his numerous contributions in various fields which time may not permit us to enumerate. However he was given the Royal Icon of Humanity and Icon of democracy award by Lagos Focus and National Association of Nigerians Students (NANS). He also received an award in the United State of America during the Festac-USA celebration of African Culture in Houston amongst others.

Oba Ogunlaja though a traditional ruler is a philanthropist per excellence. He is always giving and giving and not waiting for what his subjects will bring to him. It will interest you to know that our amiable Oba has sponsored people on Holy pilgrimage to both Mecca and Jerusalem respectively.

Your worshipful, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you HRM Oba Babatunde Olaogun Ogunlaja JP, former secretary and presently member Lagos State Council of Obas and Chiefs also member Lagos State Justices of Peace, the Aladeshoyin of Odo Noforija Kingdom, Eredo Local development Authority, Epe Division of Lagos State for this prestigious award for his
outstanding contributions to culture and tourism for sustainable development.

EPRA Award 2018 winners:


Dr Abbey Akinoshun stated that the event was awesome. The special occasion was graced by eminent personalities in our community it was a great honour to receive an award in the presence of these great achievers. Massive thanks to the EPRA Team for presenting me and my foundation (DAAF) with the Outstanding Charity Champion of the Year Award. I’m truly humbled.

Rev. Dr Prisca Richards CEO Prisca’s World of Entertainment Production.
Awwww! EPRA Awards, I felt like I was back to school to answer JAMB questions. There is no short cut to EPRA Awards. It is a type of awards that a total home work must be done on you before you are nominated. EPRA is real and genuine up till now l don’t know who nominated me. In fact the team visited me up to the schools l graduated from in Nigeria and in the UK even to my places of works. I will like to say here that whatever you find yourself doing, do it so well to your community and to the World at large. EPRA team found me out, now I will put more effort to whatever I am doing so I can win again haahaaaa. Once again. Thanks to EPRA organisers it was a night to remember and indeed a success. More grace to EPRA Awards.

Pastor Joyce Osayande ( CEO & Founder of J-Elegance’s)
EPRA AWARDS 2018 was a great success. The Event was well organised, I was thrilled to see the hard work put into making the EPRA AWARDS successful.
Dignitaries, government representative and communities Leaders were all celebrated, which was outstanding, because leaders are often forgotten and not celebrated. As one of the Awardees, been celebrated has encouraged me to do more for the society as a Community Leader. I urge everyone to support this great course.
Well done to the organiser (Mayor Olami Ajibola) and EPRA AWARDS Team, may God bless you all, more grace in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

The EPRA award 2018 event was awesome, well groomed and well organised, Royal fathers, Mayors, High Chiefs important dignitaries were all present. There was no room for boredom with different artists bringing joy to everyone’s heart with different performances. Everyone was happy, dancing dinning and winning. I am actually looking forward to more of EPRA award events in the nearest future. IJMN. Chief Mrs Hilda Abiri

To Fancy TV Channel UK and the organisers of EPRA Awards, I would like to use this opporturnity to thank those who nominated me as one of the recipient of this year’s EPRA Award. I am hugely grateful and feeling immensely proud. The hall and the environment was fantastic; the deco was magic. The activities of the event was outstanding from the begining to the end. Huge personality turnout. The icing on the cake was the Oba gracing the occasion including the Mayors and kids perfornmance was fantastic ” catch them young”. Madam MC from NTA well done ma. Highly talented. My respect and honour goes to the both of you for a successful night . May God continue to bless your family IJN Thank you. Chief Mrs Ngozi Dike

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