Giant Six Foot Boa Constrictor Snake Found Just Yards From Children’s Play Area

This is a six foot boa constrictor sufficiently enormous to eat an infant – and it’s was found just yards from a children play range. The tremendous snake was found in Danson Park, Bexleyheath, south east London on Friday evening – and has subsequent to been taken for authority care at a RSPCA reptile focus. The animal is thought to be more than able to kill a cat – however was too lethargic lazy, making it impossible to pose any risk when found.
Anthony Pulfer, a RSPCA reviewer, said: ‘It was fortunate this poor Boa constrictor was discovered on the grounds that it is very frosty for him to be outside. ‘When I lifted him up he was extremely chilly and lethargic. ‘Right now we are simply attempting to figure out where he originated from and are requesting any individual who has any information about him to get in touch with us. ‘There aren’t numerous houses in the area so we are worried that he may have been dumped.’ Should this be the circumstances, then it is irresponsible as these can be dangerous animals.

Inspector Pulfer, likewise cautioned that the creature could have passed on if left any longer-  and said that discoveries of abandoned snakes were becoming too common scenarios. He included: ‘The primary concern we need to stress to individuals who are pondering bringing an exotic pet into their family is to research the needs of the creature completely and ensure that you can give everything that creature needs for its whole life. ‘Owners have an obligation of consideration under the Animal welfare Act 2006 to accommodate a creature’s necessities. ‘Dumping any non-native creature neglects to address those issues as well as is illicit under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.’

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