EPRA Award winning Jenelle Clarke receives Honorary Doctorate in London.

Jenelle Victory Clarke, who is known for her humanitarian work, received an honorary doctorate in Health Information Management on Saturday, 9th March 2024, at the Institute of the International University of Information Management (IUIM). Wesley London Euston, United Kingdom. Janelle is a motivational speaker, lay preacher, businesswoman, and health professional. She is passionate about families affected by domestic violence, alcohol, and addiction. Janelle is also the author of 3 books.

On her speech.

At the ceremony, she spoke about her experiences and journey in the United Kingdom.

My journey was not smooth I endured great challenges and Disparities that were meant to destroy me, but despite it, I Rise..

My life was purpose-driven from the get-go, so I navigated around does hurdles used the lemons, and made the sweetest lemonade. My faith in God started from a very young age, which propelled me to greatness knowing that with God all things are possible. At 12 years I witness to my Alcoholic father about the love of Jesus  Christ and his life changed forever he boldly accepted Jesus as Lord and savior.

Life hasn’t always been kind but God has been great, the good outways the bad.  I came from my native country with only £77 pounds
Left abandoned at Gatwick international airport, In London with spinal condition that detoriated my lungs and mobility.  I refused to give up.
I worked my up through determination and Resilience because I refuse to be a victim.


Educating myself at Gemal College and University of East London, I use education as my passport through life. Working at the one of the biggest hospital in England Imperial college hospital NHS, London. I became a Ingathering Agent at my church Edmonton SDA CHURCH, Street Evangelist and Colportor, Amazon award winning Author and Multi-Award Winner , Community champion and Philanthropist. Founder and CEO of Hope with a Smile CIC
I have recieves many Awards and recognition due to my community involvement. My organisation has been a becon of hope for women and families affected by domestic violence and addiction and prison reform
Dr Janelle Victory Clarke life is one of great inspiration and determination with God all things are possible.

I am a living testimony of God grace and favor No one who believes in God is ever a Victim of their circumstances life may hit hard but God hits harder.

Dr. Janelle Victry Clarke has recieved many awards including Outstanding Sprit of Humanity Leadership Award at EPRA, Leadership and Entrepreneuria Award 2023, presented by Cllr. Nagus Narenthira, The Worshipful the Mayor, London Borough of Barnet.




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