Kim Kardashian sets up meeting with President Trump and newly freed prisoners to discuss criminal justice reform

Kim Kardashian has set up a meeting with President Trump to discuss criminal justice reform. According to USA Today, the reality star, 39, will meet with the leader, and three newly freed prisoners, at the White House on Wednesday to discuss the subject.

The ex-prisoners, Tynice Nichole Hall, Crystal Munoz, and Judith Negron, were granted clemency by the President due to the reform.  Tynice, 36, served nearly 14 years of an 18-year sentence for allowing her apartment to be used to distribute drugs.

A statement released by the White House stated the mother had ‘accepted responsibility for her past behavior and has worked hard to rehabilitate herself.’ Crystal, 38, served 12 years of a 19 year sentence for her role in a marijuana smuggling ring.

The statement read: ‘During this time, she has mentored people working to better their lives, volunteered with a hospice program, and demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to rehabilitation.’

Meeting; Kim Kardashian is set to meet with President Trump and three newly freed prisoners at The White House on Wednesday to discuss criminal justice reform

Meanwhile, Judith, 48, served eight years of her 35-year sentence for her role as a minority-owner of a healthcare company engaged in a scheme to defraud the Federal Government. The statement said she ‘spent this time working to improve her life and the lives of her fellow inmates.’

Kim previously revealed that she had been warned that meeting Trump would ‘ruin’ her career. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has met with him in the past, and urged him to grant clemency to Alice Marie Johnson, who spent 21 years in prison before being released in 2018.

amble: Kim previously revealed that she had been warned that meeting Trump would ‘ruin’ her career, but she has continued to have several encounters with him

Kim recalled: ‘Once I started to learn more about the system, I realised there are so many thousands of people in her situation.’ She continued: ‘Everyone told me I would ruin my career if I went to the White House, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. My reputation over someone’s life? That didn’t make any sense. People talk s**t all day long: I felt confident that I could handle a news story that would cycle for a day or a week, tops.

But the chance to change someone’s life? Backing out was not an option for me.’ Kim visited the White House in July, thought to be about seeking justice for rapper A$AP Rocky, who was jailed in Sweden on July 3.

Speaking out: Kim has visited the White House in the past and made speeches about a subject she is passionate about, criminal justice reform

The month before, Kim shared photos from her visit to Trump’s workplace in Washington D.C. where she gave a speech about criminal justice reform issues. Kim is currently studying to become a lawyer, and is gearing up to take the California bar exam.

Though Kim is not attending law school, she is eligible to take the bar through an alternative path known as ‘reading the law’, apprenticing through a practicing lawyer or judge. Kim revealed to Vogue back in April she had been mentoring with practicing attorneys with the hopes of taking the infamously difficult test in 2022.

At the time, Kim said the legal concepts had been coming easily to her.

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